Hey, welcome to this blog! I’m Michael.

I was born in Texas (the hype about our state is justified), still live in the DFW area, and am a member at The Village Church. I’m currently pursuing a J.D. at Texas A&M School of Law after graduating last year from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Economics. In other words, I’m not a UT fan.

On January 3rd I got married to my wife Abegale (picture below)! In my free time, I read theology and political history, go mountain climbing, and exercise. On a side note, my favorite peaks that I’ve summited are the Grand Teton (WY), Mt. Shasta (CA), and Mt. Whitney (CA).

Due to family, church, and school commitments, my time to write sadly is limited. As a result, many posts may appear somewhat scattered in thought, not entirely polished, or not comprehensive—just a heads up! I hope you enjoy.

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